China in Figures


Corruption Perception Index

Press Freedom Index



Land boundaries


Highest point

Land use

Irrigated land



Age structure (%)

Age structure (male)

Age structure (female)

Median age (years)

Population growth rate (%)

Birth rate (births/1,000 population)

Death rate (deaths/1,000 population)

Net migration rate (migrant(s)/1,000 population)

Sex ratio (male(s)/female)

Infant mortality rate (deaths/1,000 live births)

Life expectancy at birth (years)

Total fertility rate (children born/woman)

Cities and areas

Population of administrative divisions

Cities population

Area of administrative divisions (sq km)


GDP (mln USD)

GDP - real growth rate (%)

GDP - per capita (USD)

GDP - composition by sector (%)

Exports (mln USD)

Imports (mln USD)

External debt (mln USD)

Investment (gross fixed), % of GDP

Industrial production growth rate (%)

Inflation rate (consumer prices) (%)

Unemployment rate (%)

Population below poverty line (%)

Household income or consumption by percentage share (%)


Electricity - production (mln kWh)

Electricity - production by source (%)

Electricity - consumption (mln kWh)

Electricity - exports (mln kWh)

Electricity - imports (mln kWh)

Natural gas - production (mln cu m)

Natural gas - consumption (mln cu m)

Natural gas - exports (mln cu m)

Natural gas - imports (mln cu m)

Natural gas - proved reserves (mln cu m)

Oil - production (bbl day)

Oil - consumption (bbl day)

Oil - exports (bbl day)

Oil - imports (bbl day)

Oil - proved reserves (mln bbl)

Communications, internet, computers

Total telephone subscribers (thousands)

Telephone subscribers per 100 inhabitants

Main telephone lines (thousands)

Main telephone lines 5Y CAGR (%)

Main telephone lines per 100 inhabitants

Main telephone lines per 100 inhabitants 5Y CAGR (%)

Cellular mobile subscribers as % of total telephone subscribers

Cellular mobile subscribers (thousands)

Cellular mobile subscribers 5Y CAGR (%)

Cellular mobile subscribers per 100 inhabitants

Digital cellular mobile subscribers (%)

Internet hosts total

Internet hosts per 10 000 inhab.

Internet users (thousands)

Internet users per 100 inhab.

PCs total (thousands)

PCs per 100 inhab.


Cereals Total Yield (Centner/Ha)

Wheat Yield (Centner/Ha)

Rice Paddy Yield (Centner/Ha)

Potatoes Yield (Centner/Ha)

Sugar Beets Yield (Centner/Ha)

Tomatoes Yield (Centner/Ha)

Cucumbers and Gherkins Yield (Centner/Ha)

Cattle Stocks (Head)

Pigs Stocks (Head)

Horses Stocks (Head)

Sheep Stocks (Head)

Chickens Stocks (1000)

Ducks Stocks (1000)

Geese Stocks (1000)

Turkeys Stocks (1000)

Tractors Agric Total In Use (Number)

Harvesters-Threshers In Use (Number)

Supply of primary food and drink items

Meat Supply

Bovine Meat Supply

Pigmeat Supply

Mutton and Goat Meat Supply

Poultry Meat Supply

Fish and Seafood Supply

Cereals Supply

Rice Supply

Vegetables Supply

Potatoes Supply

Milk and Dairy Products Supply

Whole Milk Supply

Cheese Supply

Eggs Supply

Nuts Supply

Fruits Supply

Sugar and Sweeteners Supply

Sugar Supply (Refined Equivalent)

Tea Supply

Coffee Supply

Alcoholic Beverages Supply

Beverages Alcoholic Supply

Wine Supply

Beer Supply

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