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Cereals Total Yield (Centner/Ha)

Wheat Yield (Centner/Ha)

Rice Paddy Yield (Centner/Ha)

Potatoes Yield (Centner/Ha)

Sugar Beets Yield (Centner/Ha)

Tomatoes Yield (Centner/Ha)

Cucumbers and Gherkins Yield (Centner/Ha)

Cattle Stocks (Head)

Pigs Stocks (Head)

Horses Stocks (Head)

Sheep Stocks (Head)

Chickens Stocks (1000)

Ducks Stocks (1000)

Geese Stocks (1000)

Turkeys Stocks (1000)

Tractors Agric Total In Use (Number)

Harvesters-Threshers In Use (Number)

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